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Migration Transition From Existing Platform

Transisi sistem kepegawaian yang mudah dan cepat dengan bantuan tim berpengalaman yang siap membantu memindahkan data dari sistem sebelumnya ke

Benefits of Transitioning to

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to migrate from other HR platforms?

Of course and we are ready to help You migrate from the previous system to

How long is the implementation process?

Generally 5 working days after complete data is received, however it can change depending on the number of employees and complexity level.

Can the training be rescheduled?

Can, however it is recommended that rescheduling request shouldn't be too sudden.

Can the implementation be done in mid-year?

Can be done anytime without concern over the tax data, since we are able to do tax recap from the beginning of the year to the point when starts.

Is there a PIC during the implementation?

Yes. will provide 1 dedicated PIC for 1 company during the implementation.

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Migration Transition From Existing Platform

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