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Task Appraisal

Employee Task Appraisal to Determine Your Decision

Sistem penilaian kinerja karyawan berbasis tugas mencegah terulangnya kesalahan yang sama dan menyempurnakan yang sudah baik

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Realtime Appraisal Feature and Transparency to Employee's Performance

Keep them productive and stay competitive to give their best performance.

Realtime appraisals by the superior directly

Task order submission with online approval

Appraisal result can be customized with specific criteria

Real Time Employee Appraisal


Task Based Appraisal to Maintain Employee Performance

Evaluate employee performance transparently & objectively to simplify decision making process for employee promotion and career growth.


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Employee Approval is Quicker, Efficient & Can Be Done Anywhere on Real-Time

All process from assigning, accepting and appraising tasks can be done online through task appraisal feature. Both superiros and employees can see the appraisal results on realtime.


Indicators & Appraisal Grades are Customizable Based on Company's Needs

Ensure employee's performance can be appraised based on the finished task's results using customizable criteria and appraisal grade.

Other Application Features

Task Appraisal

  • Employee Task Appraisal
  • Online Appraisal
  • Customizeable Appraisal Criteria


  • Job Applicant Portal
  • Job Applicant Blacklist Data
  • Job Applicant Data List
  • Recruitment Phase
  • Employee Data Integration


  • Employee Document
  • Employee Database
  • Training History
  • Employee CV
  • HR Letter Format

Employee Self Service (E-Plus)

  • Off-work Requests, Leave, Online Overtime
  • Overtime Requests
  • Download Slips (Payroll, 1721 A1, Others)
  • Personal Documents Upload
  • Schedule Change
  • Personal Data Modification
  • Online Approval


  • Work Schedule (Shift, Roster, Office)
  • Overtime
  • Attendance Sanction
  • Attendance Benefit
  • Online & Offline Attendance
  • Fingerprint Device Integration (Solution & Fingerspot)


  • Flexible Payroll Components
  • Payroll Formula
  • Pay Slips (Email & Print)
  • Holiday Allowance (THR)
  • Online Payroll Transfer
  • Monthly Report

Easy To Use, Easy To Connect & Always There For You

Full Support Implementation Process

Loyally assist during implementation & training process

Migration Transition From Existing Platform

Faster & easier transition to with the help of an experienced team

Excellent After Sales Service

SuSi (Support Siaga) Team always ready to help optimize the use of

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