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Full Implementation Support

Complete Support For Your Implementation Process

Our Standby Support (Support Siaga) Team is ready to provide assistance during the implementation process

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the implementation process?

Depends on the number of employee & complexity of member's needs. In average, implementation process will take 5 working days when all data is ready & submitted by user.

I'm busy and can't take care of the implementation, what should I do?

We will adjust to your schedule and ready to help prepare everything. However, it should be noted that the presence of two parties is required in the implementation process to ensure that all the things needed are appropriate.

Are there any additional costs for implementation & training?

There is no charge for the initial implementation, and for training there will also be 2x free visits within the Jabodetabek area. For areas outside Jabodetabek, only transportation and accommodation costs will be charged.

What if i still have questions after the training session?

You can contact our SuSi team to help You. Contact number will be given when You have finished implementation & training.

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Full Support Implementation Process

Loyally assist during implementation & training process

Migration Transition From Existing Platform

Faster & easier transition to with the help of an experienced team

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