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100% Risk-Free
Coba Dulu, Jaminan Uang Kembali

100% Risk-Free
#MoneyBackGuarantee For You

Your Needs, Our Priority memahami kebutuhan calon pengguna platform solusi HR, terutama di masa awal untuk menentukan tingkat kecocokan perusahaan dengan platform HR yang akan digunakan. Untuk membantu meyakinkan Anda dalam menggunakan, kami persembahkan program #GaransiUangKembali.

What is #MoneyBackGuarantee

#MoneyBackGuarantee is a program from to guarantee the satisfaction of prospective users when using the Application. This program is valid from July until September 2023, and only during implementation period.*

T&C applies

100% Risk Free

Safe trial period & free of hidden fees

Fast Refund

Refund process will be immediately proceed after being validated.

Full Access

And the best implementation support for You

#MoneyBackGuarantee Terms & Conditions

Here are the complete terms & conditions for #MoneyBackGuarantee program:

1. Refunds cannot be made if the customer requests application support for something that has never submitted and approved.

2. Refunds cannot be made if the user changes his/her mind and cancels using the application.

3. Refunds cannot be made for issues that occur with third parties StaffAny.

4. Refunds cannot be made due to internet network limitations on the client.

5. Timeline dan user request harus disepakati.

6. Refund does not include other additional services used such as:
a. Approved custom requests
b. Disbursement use
c. GajiGesa use
d. Extra service by Standby Support (SuSi)
e. VAT if You are not willing to make a return note

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